Monday, November 21, 2011

Crafter Profile - Amanda C

Her story: I started out scrapbooking. I was determined not to try stamping because I didn't think I would like it. A friend invited me to a stamping party and I was kooed! I love sharing my love of stamping with others and teaching them how to do it.

What keeps her interested in crafting: Constantly learning new techniques and trying new things. I have leanred patience and have become a better people person by teaching classes.

Her favorite craft: hand stamping items and papercrafts

Crafter Profile - Debbie M

Her story: For over 20 years I have been interested in working with youth and mentoring them through making wool related gift items. I enjoy teaching students different methods of using wool and other fibers. It is always inspiring to work with the youth. All proceeds of our sales benefit the Y.O.U.T.H. Program Inc. Our thanks to all who support our program through their purchases.

What keeps her interested in crafting: Great tool for teaching and supporting our program

Her favorite craft: Hand felted items

Crafter Profile - Madeline E

Her story: I started making these stars when I was 8 years old. I wanted to make some money for toys. I started selling at Landis Valley Museum during Harvest Days, that soon expanded to Christmas shows and weddings. As I got older I decided i had better save my money for something a little more significant. So, I started saving for college. I am now in my first year of college. The money I make helps pay for expenses. This craft was taught to me by my grandma. It was passed fown throug hthe family. Every time I make a sar I think of my grandma and great-grandpa. They both loved the stars.

What keeps her interested in crafting: The memory of Grandma Kay-Kay

Her favorite craft: PA Dutch paper star

Crafter Profile - Diane D

Her story: I am a full time working mom of 2 boys. My oldest is a freshman at Edinboro University and my youngest is a freshman at Red Lion Area High School. I have always owned a sewing machine and used it for many sewing projects in the house. I started sewing purses about 4 years ago and started my business 1 year ago at the encouragement of my family and friends

What keeps her interested in crafting: My goal with my business is to have fun, make some extra money, and someday to be able to walk down the mall and see someone carrying one of my handmade purses.

Her favorite craft: the Santa Purse, my favorite design, is my most popular purse. I was sitting and talking to my sister and we brainstormed the concept of the santa purse. I made 3 of them the first year and received orders for 5 more. The following year I made 25 and this year I made 40 of them. When you carry a santa purse, people will stop and tell you "I love your purse."

Crafter Profile - Linda R

Her story: I began gourd crafting about 5 years ago. I was inspired when I saw gourd crafts at another show and decided that it was the perfect medium... I could both grow the gourds and craft with them! The shape and size of a gourd may convey its artistic form however I love to just let my creative ideas flow. Gourd jewelry is my most recent joy!

What keeps her interested in crafting: It is amazing what items can be crafted from gourds. Gourds provide a natural medium for art and expression and is only limited by your imagination.

Her favorite craft: Gourd items for home decor and jewelry

Crafter Profile - Tina D

Her story: Soft, warm and recycled are the watchwords for artist and composer, Tina. She creates beautiul fingerless gloves and unique dog apparel out of up-cycled children's and adult winter clothing. Selected for their durability and softness, Tina makes her clients warm snug during the cold winter months.

What keeps her interested in crafting: Up-cycling, creating unique and one-of-a-kind blankets, gloves, and dog clothing.

Her favorite craft: Dog blankets and Mats: bright double side fleece mats and blankets make your pet comfortable and warm. Gloves: fingerless gloves from up-cycled sweaters and scarves. These beautiful gloves are hand stitched and then embroidered or beaded with old buttons, glass beads and pearls.

Crafter Profile - Vicki D

Her story: One of my gifts is creativity. I find peace and joy in all my creations and knowing that someone can enjoy my work is beyond any words that I have. It is the joy it gives me to share part of my life with someone else. I have to please people. Everyone has a special memory; I like to preserve that memory the best I can in memory boxes, the restoration of pictures or creating a dvd from cherished old pictures.

What keeps her interested in crafting: The joy of people. Bringing life to memories and preserving them.

Her favorite craft: Memory boxes and restoration of pictures