Monday, November 21, 2011

Crafter Profile - Diane D

Her story: I am a full time working mom of 2 boys. My oldest is a freshman at Edinboro University and my youngest is a freshman at Red Lion Area High School. I have always owned a sewing machine and used it for many sewing projects in the house. I started sewing purses about 4 years ago and started my business 1 year ago at the encouragement of my family and friends

What keeps her interested in crafting: My goal with my business is to have fun, make some extra money, and someday to be able to walk down the mall and see someone carrying one of my handmade purses.

Her favorite craft: the Santa Purse, my favorite design, is my most popular purse. I was sitting and talking to my sister and we brainstormed the concept of the santa purse. I made 3 of them the first year and received orders for 5 more. The following year I made 25 and this year I made 40 of them. When you carry a santa purse, people will stop and tell you "I love your purse."

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