Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crafter Profile - Barbara G

Her Story: When I was little I used to sew doll clothes and later clothing for myself and daughters. I have also done knitting and ceramics. Ieentually got into painting - wood signes, folk art, etc, which I really like. Due to an illness I have not been able to paint but I am hoping to again in the near future.

What keeps her interested in crafting: It is good therapy and great for relieving stress

Her favorite craft: painting and knitting

Crafter Profile - Annette C

Her Story: My mother tried to get me started doing cross-stitch when I was young but I did not have the patience. Then when I was older I helped her paint ceramics which led to painting wood. I have always liked the country/primitive style. I then started sewing dolls but while doing that I found I really liked crocheting better whether it is rugs or little critters.

What keeps her interested in crafting: I find it very challenging and rewarding to create a handmade treasure for the buyer to enjoy for years to come.

Her favorite craft: Crocheted kitties/animals, rugs and making candles

Crafter Profile - Diane K

Her Story: I started weaving potholders at a very young age and have not stopped doing crafts since! My whole life I have been exposed to very talented people who inspired me to try new things and to believe in my own abilities. A lot of my items come from silliness and whimsy such as fairies and 'little people'.

What keeps her interested in crafting: I enjoy doing a lot of different crafts but keep coming back to sewing dolls. Since my daughter and I do crafts together it has brought us closer - now she is my daughter and best friend!

Her favorite craft: Sewing a wide range of fabric collectable dolls.

Crafter Profile - Josie B

Her Story: I am a self taught jewelry designer who 'finally' found my passion for beading in 2006. I discovered my talent while attempting to make a pair of earrings after watching a demo at a local craft store. Well, that was it! I continued to read about the techniques and designs and practiced daily. I'm now retired from the medical field and devote most of my time and God given talent to my family, friends and beading.

What keeps her interested in crafting: Of course my favorite is beading, it has provided extra income and most of all lots of new and interesting friends, customer enjoyment, and the opportunity to continue learning.

Her favorite craft: jewelry, floral designs, cloth dolls

Crafter Profile - Karen N

Her Story: After being diagnoses with Parkinson's, I retired from my job as our church secretary. A few years later, I became interested in painting. Starting with flower pots in my home. My family encouraged me to continue. I becan to try painting (acrylic) on other items, such as wood, glass, canvas, etc. Each item I do is hand painted - there are no two alike. I generally do not paint large volumes of the same item but have done 80-100 of some things, used as favors for social functions.

What keeps her interested in crafting: I like a challenge and like to see what the results will be like (sometimes it's a surprise!) This has been great therapy - mentally, physically, and spiritually. It gives me confidence and keeps my mind busy; thinking about what I am working on and the next project at the same time. I thank God for allowing me to have the talent.

Her favorite craft: Anything involving acrylic painting

Crafter Profile - Amy D

Her Story: I started making bows for my daughter's cheerleading squad. I really enjoy putting colors and patterns together. I love to see the look on little girls faces or their monthers when they try a headband or bow on.

What keeps her interested in crafting: Headbands are my favorite to make they are fun and I love trying out different color combos.

Her favorite craft: Headbands

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crafter Profile - Virginia and John W

Their Story: Upon retirement my husband and I finally had time to return to our hobbies...his is watercolor painting mineissewing and embroidery. John has painted all his life and enjoys creating original works from photographs he takes. He is a member in several art associations and watercolor societies. He has also been accepted intojuried art shows as well as exhibiting at his own shows in the area. Virginia learned to sew as a child and making clothes for her children. After retirement a close Amish friend introduced her to embroidery combining sewing and embroidery opened a whole new area. In addition, using a computer program, she creates and digitizes designs for embroidery.

What keeps her interested in crafting: Seeing out creative projects and painting as well as others, enjoying them is very rewarding.

Her favorite craft: Watercolor and Sewing

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crafter Profile - Connie D

Her story: I've been sewing Barbie doll clothes for 30+ years. Sewing tissue box covers is just one of the many things I've sewn over the years. My mother and grandmother taught me to sew when I was very young. There were always sewing machines in the house. As early as I can remember my grandmother sewed on a Treadle sewing machine.

What keeps her interesting in crafting: Selling crafts has helped financially. I really enjoy sewing doll clothes because it connects me with children. I have learned marketing and sales skills.

Her favorite craft: Anything I can think up.

Crafter Profile - Judy B

Her story: Our property is preserved in the York County Farm and Natural Land's Trust. It will never be developed. All plants, trees and shrubs are native. My passion is encouraging all gardeners to use native plants to bring nature back to their yards. The owls, birds, plants inspire me to create for my shop "The Gardener of the Owl Vally".

What keeps her interested in crafting: I love walking in the woods and noticing what nature offers - the mosses, leaves, trees. These designs are inspirations to me.

Her favorite craft: scarves, bracelets, nature inspired crafts

Crafter Profile - Elaine D

Her story: Sewing since age 8; my mother-in-law has quilted for more than 30 years and encouraged me to start quilting 15 years ago - I've been hooked ever since. I have very sensitive skin and startedmaking my own soap about 8 years ago. Hand made soaps are much milder than store bought or commercial soaps, which, are generally detergent bars.

What keeps her interested in crafting: Quilting - creativity and love of fabrics. Soaps - can't use 'commercial soaps'.

Her favorite craft: Soaps, lotions, quilted items

Crafter Profile - Jessica M

Her Story: I really started to enjoy making food when I was in intermediate school. My passion is definatly baking! I'm always the one to bring lots of desserts to any get together. I started making peanut butter balls a few years ago as gifts for Christmas. I've since started making other chocolates and candies. I love the idea of something being homemade and hope I can pass that onto my children

What keeps her interested in crafting: I really enjoy making anything sweet. My children also enjoy helping especially at Christmas time. We love this time of year and always come up with some new ideas.

Her favorite craft: Anything food related especially chocolates.

Crafter Profile - Diane B

Her Story: I love working with herbs, especially locally grown ones. I started making herbal sachets twelve years ago and selling them at local craft shows. Soon I had stores asking for wholesale prices and it took off from there. I only sell retail at Green Dragon in Ephrata and at Grandma's Holiday Craft Show because they are too good to let go!

What keeps her interested in crafting: The healing power of non-ingested herbs always amazes me. If you want proof for yourself keep lavender nearby when you are stressed or one of my sinus sachets when your allergies act up.

Her favorite craft: Herbal sachets with only the highest quality herbs.

Crafter Profile - Kelly W

Her Story: My name is Kelly and I am a ceramic artist. After taking an introductory ceramics course at a community college in Chandles, Arizona, I was hooked. I love the mud! It's the most amazing feeling when I open the kiln after a glaze firing to find what treasures (and tragedies) are in store for me! That's the kicker - you never know what you're going to get - it's like Christmas morning every time!

What keeps her interested in crafting: My inspiration is happiness. I make things that make me smile...and then I hope they will have the same effect on other people.

Her favorite craft: Ceramics

Crafter Profile - Tonya W

Her Story: As a young child, I can remember my love of all things painting, drawing, creating began. My mother gave me her old kitchen clock when I was about 8 years old and I painted it to match my room. Nothing was off limites after that and this obsession followed me through college into married life and motherhood. You can follow me on my blog at

What keeps her interested in crafting: Constantly learning. I took some art classes in college which taught me techniques and tricks I have incorporated that have been a huge help. I now enjoy magazines and studying paintings of artists I like.

Her favorite craft: Anything that can be painted, especially wooden items I pick up at yard sales or second hand stores.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crafter Profile - LuAnn R

Her Story: A virus got me started in crafting.  Specifically, in 2002, a virus attacked my heart and reduced my heart’s functionality.  I was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy when I went into congestive heart failure.  Eventually, I had to go on complete medical disability from my full-time job.  Making hair accessories began as a Christmas present project for family and friends…but after many compliments and urgings from friends, I began doing local craft shows.  Now, it’s a bit of “mad” money for me to spend at Christmastime.  I am very blessed.  God has given me a second chance on life, and I hope his light is reflected in the love and caring that goes into my creations. 

What keeps her interested in crafting: I love the creative process of combining colors, fabrics and textures.   I enjoy the people that I have met on this journey.  I especially like that crafting has allowed me to “give back” and whenever possible I try to pass on the creative process to the next generation.  I am humbled to be able to donate products to raise funds for various causes.  I also blessed to have been able to provide my products for missions’ trips to various countries. 

Her favorite craft: hair accessories and purses

Crafter Profile - Sherry B

Her Story: About 3 years ago two friends and I took knitting lessons at a local yarn shop. I so loved knitting I wanted to find a way to use knitting to make extra income after my retirement from teaching. I also was looking for a creative outlet that would be appreciated by me and others. I love seeing people happy when touching and trying on my products. Each time I see someone wearing something I made I feel joy and hopefully it gives them some happiness too.

What keeps her interested in crafting: All of my items are my own design so creating new designs is very rewarding.

Her favorite craft: Hats and fingerless gloves are favorites, designing necklaces and bracelets also.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crafter Profile - Jennifer B

Her story: My mom would always have kids craft projects prepared for rainy days. We would glue sprinkles and sequins onto neat cutouts for the Christmas Tree. We would paint cut straws an string them together. Mom still puts them on her tree. She put the date and our name on each one. My brother and I still laugh at each others work.

What keeps her interested in crafting: I had 4 great old aunts who never left the house without their purse and jewelry. Each sable babie I make reminds me of them and their old fashioned ways of days gone by.

Her favorite craft: Sable babies

Crafter Profile - Talena B

Her story: I've been doing crafts for over 19 years and love creating new products. I started doing chubby bunnies and it just grew into dolls, baskets, and now I dabble in wood. What makes me happy is knowing that my customers appreciate handmade and continue to come back

What keeps her interested in crafting: I love making things from scratch and seeing the end results.

Her favorite craft: Handmade baskets and anything primitive

Crafter Profile - Lisa B

Her story: My mother got me started, when I was 13 years old crocheting, and I have found I love all crafts and love to try different things. I started doing craft shows at the age of 30 to help supplement my income and to teach my children that everyone likes handmade items.

What keeps her interested in crafting: I love to make new crafts every year but I have come to really enjoy the sports related crafts and my favorite is crochet taught to me by my mother at age 13.

Her favorite craft: Crochet, wreaths, misc...

Crafter Profile - Cheryl M

Her Story: I got started making crafts because it was something to do that was totally different from my job, at that time I was a registered nurse. Crafting is something that helps me relax - I don't have to think. I just create. I let my hands do the work. My inspiration comes from what I see. Frequently I will see a piece and my mind fills with all kinds of ideas how that object could be used. Recently, I have started using my eye to pick out vintage jewelry and clothing, which has become a cottage business for me.

Her favorite craft: Whatever strikes my fancy.

Crafter Profile - Ann B

Her story: I have always created crafts. It's just a part of who I am! I remember knitting and sewing before I started school. I know I would have been a much better student if those subjects were offered.

What keeps her interested in crafting: I enjoy the process of planning but once it is all planned. The rest is kind of like a zen meditation. It becomes quiet and relaxing.

Her favorite craft: tapestry weaving and beadwork

Crafter Profile - Sandy G

Her Story: I have always loved making crafts, quilting, and cooking. When I became disabled my physician recommended I use my time to help others with my quilts and crafts.

What keeps her interested in Crafting: Quilting has helped me others with warmth of love and taught me I can still do things in my life even when doctors say I can not work anymore.

Her Favorite Crafts: Quilts

Crafter Profile - Jean B

Her Story: I retired from teaching kindergarten and first grade in 1996. I became interested in decorative painting. In decorative painting, artists use the designs of others in the field and paint on a variety of 'found items' using acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, etc. I have attended craft shows and conventions and I am involved in local groups. I am a 'helping artist' for decorative art, to promote decorative art products.

What keeps her interested in crafting: I love to paint and as a 'hobby' I teach others to paint. My newest experiment is painting from my daughter's photos.

Her favorite craft: Decorative Painting

Crafter Profile - Selene K

Her Story: Every summer my grandmother and I made crafts. As a stay at home mom of 7 children I wanted to contribute to the extras. Book Buddez grew from crafting experiences with a friend in Florida 8 years ago and has grown to other handmade items. Although many of the products are made by mom it has become a family business with my children ranging from inventory purchasing, demonstrations, and sales.

What keeps her interested in crafting: It is simple enough to create while cyberschooling my children. I love the joy and excitment my customers share with me when they find the 'right one'. It keeps the 'joy' in creating crafts.

Her Favorite Crafts: Book Buddez (book marks); Hair Buddez (headbands)